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All advisors under the DEWMG umbrella maintain independent securities registrations with FINRA. This means the entire landscape of products will be available to you as our client. As your wealth manager, we'll strategically assemble the components of your portfolio over time with your best interest front and center.


Our business model is unique because it includes a team of seasoned tax professionals. This allows us to evaluate a true cost-benefit analysis for you before any recommendations are made. We believe the two key components to a sustainable retirement income plan are tax efficiency and asset preservation. Much can be achieved with a well-thought-out distribution strategy.


Our management style is active and deliberate. We are constantly vetting out new solutions and do believe a proactive approach is essential to conserving our clients wealth. With that said, we do not day trade or chase performance. Our mission is to find your comfort zone on the risk/return spectrum and leverage long-term dynamic strategies that favor downside protection.