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Strategies | Services & Capabilities

At Elefant Financial, we offer a complete wealth management experience that extends beyond conventional investing.

Our comprehensive approach breaks down the traditional barrier between tax and investments to combine knowledge and expertise across multiple disciplines.

Fundamentally, we believe the synergy from one cohesive unit offers the highest probability of success and makes all of our client’s lives easier to manage.

Our team has mastered the following techniques to help clients better understand and approach all phases of their investing years with confidence:

  • Clarify goals and objectives with custom analysis of risk tolerance.
  • Retirement needs analysis with a tailored income distribution strategy.
  • Comprehensive financial plan development with cash flow/budget analysis.
  • Consulting on in-force Qualified Plans or other assets held-away.
  • Strategic planning and gifting for wealth conservation (Estates, Trusts, etc).
  • Household insurance assessments (Life, Disability, Long Term Care, etc).
  • Tax-optimized divesting of stock awards and concentrated portfolios.
  • Tax preparation and bookkeeping for individuals, businesses and entities.

*For more information about our services, and the fees associated with them, please contact our office to schedule a discovery interview.